Who we areWho we are

Dreemport is an autonomous, platform-agnostic tribe of content creators united by a primary objective: forming connections between reader and writer, no matter the platform. We screen for quality content, promote and reward genuine engagement, offer a united support system, and help to increase your content's reach.

Each month, we collaborate with new projects, giving our dreemers the opportunity to be gently stretched into new comfort zones, learn new skills, and interact with a variety of communities. As the "only website that's closed on the weekends", we find balance in working hard, playing hard, and resting hard. But whatever a dreemer is doing, rest assured-there is fun involved!


Ambassadors are the warm welcome, the helping hand, and the guiding light of the Dreem Teem. This group of dreemers continues to make the rounds through different platforms, seeking out newbies who might be looking for a home, and oldbies who might have forgotten that fun, intitial spark of the journey. Our Ambassadors are the ones who invite you, plug you in, and get you started on the dreem.


Once you have submitted your post, it heads to our screeners. We are so proud that our system involves manual, human interaction. Posts are screened for plagiarism and checked for copyright infringement on images and media. They also hold our content to strict PG-13 Guidelines.

Why? Simply because our readers are given posts randomly. Since we ask them to trust us to provide them with content, we try our best to make it safe for the majority of our dreemers. Do screeners screen out spam and low quality content? Nope, that stays in! Why? The answer lies in our Guild.

The GuildThe Guild

When we release the curation pool to the public to rank and rate, we have to be sure that they are genuinely reading each post. The best way to certify the authenticity of their evaluation is by matching the public decision of each post to our Guild decision. But how accurate is our Guild? Each member of the Guild has an individual vote on each post.

The votes are then tabulated, and majority stands. That decision becomes the standard that each dreemer needs to match. Aligning with the Guild insures that our dreemers took the time to read and properly evaluate their rating and ranking. Each day of alignment with the Guild earns levels and rewards for our dreemers.


You, us, all. Every person that comes to DreemPort with the joy of trying something new, the hope of creating your own path, the willingness to be open and the heart for a fun and loving tribe - is a dreemer! We invite you to be a part of something special at DreemPort. Our goal is to make everything we do a win/win/win/win situation. We really can all thrive together! Come give us a try for a month, and watch what happens!