FAQ and more

What is screening?

Screening is the first step a submission goes through when submitted by a user.

The job of screening is to remove any unwanted submissions that violate Dreemport guidelines and content policies globally.

What can I do if my submission is rejected in Screening?

The first step is to act quickly.

As soon as you know your submission has been rejected then depending on the violation you will have a chance to rectify the content and contact us to review your submission again.

The simplest issues to rectify are copyright infringements and incorrect sourcing.

Using these as an example you would remove the copywritten images from your submission and oradd the correct attributions.

The sooner this is done the sooner your submission may be added to curation and be shared.

If this is not acted on early then the day may be over and no one will get to see your content.

Why can't I submit?

Everyone gets 3 rejections then their submission privileges gets revoked.

This is not a permanent ban and merely requires you to contact us.

This gives us a chance to explain any content violations you may be struggling with and your submission rights will be reinstated.

Can I get banned?


People rarely do but those that in particular are found to plagiarise will be banned from the platform.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Not currently.

Since users curate each others work, the only way to allow multiple accounts is through linking them.

Currently Dreemport does not have this feature in place but we may in the future.

If users link/register multiple account this would allow us to still provide fair curation and avoid anyone from curating their own content.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Discord server for clarification.