Image Usage Policy

Though there are exceptions in the journalistic world that allow for using copyrighted images in a limited fashion, those rulings and exceptions cannot find a common ground across the globe.

Since we are a global community at DreemPort, it is necessary for us to raise the bar to the highest standard and hold the bar there.

For this reason, the only images that are allowed to be submitted on DreemPort are images that are licensed for commercial use:
Note: Images refer to all images contained in a submission regardless of the platform the submission is hosted on

  • ccO images. (Such as can be found on Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay and the like)
  • Public domain images. (As can be found on WikiMedia Commons or otherwise stated from the original sourcing)
  • Your own photographs.
  • Your own designs, images, collages, or banners that have been created entirely by using cc0, public domain, assets licensed for commercial purposes, or your own images.
    This also includes AI images that you have created OR AI images that are found in public domain.
    State sources clearly.

Cite the proper and original sources of ALL images used in your blog. If our screeners cannot easily and quickly identify the sources of your images, the post will be rejected.

Do NOT submit any post with copyright infringement. Images that are not clearly defined as being one of the uses above should not be used.

Any post with an image outside of those parameters will be rejected.
The best tip we can give you is BEGIN looking for images on an approved site with clearly stated sources. That should allow for a smooth process that ensures your blog is legally and morally aligned with global copyright standards.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Discord server for clarification.