Curation Guild Guide


The focus of curation on Dreemport is PRIMARILY the quality of the WRITTEN content of a post.

Therefore, in order for you to align your vote with our Curation Guild, your task is to approve posts that have sufficient, original, well- written content and eliminate posts that have plagiarized, inappropriate, or insufficient well-written content.

(e.g. A post with beautiful photography would only be approved for DreemPort by our Guild - IF the photography was also accompanied by expressive, descriptive, appropriate and well-written original text.)


Several factors would eliminate your post before being ranked:

  • * Plagiarism/ Use of Copyrighted Images
  • * Failure to cite sources properly
  • * Excessive violence, gore, abuse, rape, etc.
  • * Strong sexual content or pornographic content
  • * Hateful speech or abusive language
  • * Marketing or Promotional posts
  • * Insufficient Text to support the media in the post

Additional Criteria to note

  • * Quoted lyrics may not exceed 2 lines.
  • * Quoted text may not exceed more than 2 lines.

Please understand that while DreemPort honors the work that it takes to produce beautiful art, videography, photography, music, etc. and also recognizes that those posts are very well-received on other platforms - the primary focus of DreemPort is the emphasis on the written language. Any post that primarily focuses on the media used in the post will most likely be eliminated by the Guild.

In order to ensure that posts enter the ranking stage, please only submit posts where the primary focus is on original, high-quality, appropriate, well-written content.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Discord server for clarification.