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What is Dreemerge?

Dreemerge is a generally card based gamification on Dreemport. These cards and other variations are seasonal and may change over time. Dreemport thus far have had a Season 1 and Season 2 Dreemerge event.

How do I get a Dreemerge card?

With all seasons having ended currently Dreemerge cards can only be acquired from the Market.This is a NFT market based on the Hive Blockchain, and will require a Hive account and DREEM tokens.

The following info is only relevant to the usage of the Season 1 Dreemerge cards.

How many cards are there?

There are 5 mergeable sets of cards, namely:

and an Ultimate Quill Card.
Each set of cards has 5 Levels, which makes 26 different cards including the Ultimate Quill card.

All the Dreemerge Level 5 cards from the 5 sets and the Ultimate Quill card

Can I merge cards from different sets?

Each set can only be merged within the set itself.
The Ultimate Quill card is unique because it is created by merging the maximum cards from each set.

How many cards does it take per Level?

Each level requires a specific amount of cards to move up, they are as follow:

What are the features of the cards?

How do I use these features?

All features can be activated by owning the NFT version of the corresponding card. When you own the NFT version of any Level 5 card or the Ultimate Quill then a activate button will be available on the features description of that card.

How do I get the NFT version of a card?

There are 2 ways to get the NFT version of a card:
You can either Mint a card you own from the Dreemport site.
Or you can buy one from the Market

Can I merge my NFT cards with the Unminted ones?

Yes you can but they follow the following rules:
Merging cards of the same Mint type ie: Unminted with Unminted, or NFT with NFT will give you the same type in return.
Merging any amount of NFT type cards and using any amount of Unminted types to succesfully reach the next level will give you an Unminted version of the card.

What happens to my original cards during a merge?

With an Unminted merge the cards are removed from the database.
During a merge that requires NFTs you will be asked to first approve a Burn action. This effectively destroys them on the Hive chain.
In return you receive the new Levelled up card according to the merge type rules previously mentioned.

How do I know if I can Merge or Mint?

Image depiction of a Dreemerge Level 3 Blue Butterfly card that has
        4 cards available and can be merged to a Level 4 via green tab or optionally Minted via the yellow tab

The green tab on the card with an associated level number or "U" for Ultimate means the card can be merged to the indicated Level.

The yellow tab on a card means a card is Mintable. This only applies to Levels 3-5 and for the Ultimate Quill card. Once a card has been Minted to a NFT it will be displayed on the "Minted Cards" page and have a red ribbon indicating it is an NFT.