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I am a cheerful and funny girl, I like to enjoy life to the fullest. I love God, nature, family. I like to work at Hive and Dreemport.

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Recent Submissions

Que todos los niños del mundo vean una y otra vez "Mohana" 🏝 May all the children of the world watch "Mohana" over and over again.

Author: Carolinacardoza

☕️ Beyond happiness. Happy 87th, Mom 4 Comments / 10+ views

Author: Carolinacardoza

Tejiendo un cuento de hadas en Hive. 👠🌼Weaving a fairy tale in Hive.

Author: Carolinacardoza

Aprende, comparte, transforma y conecta.💗💗 Aprende, comparte, transforma y conecta.

Author: Carolinacardoza

¡Ponle sabor y AMOR a la vida! 🍆🍆Add flavor and LOVE to life!

Author: Carolinacardoza

You smile at me every day from heaven.

Author: Carolinacardoza

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