Level 11


161 / 690 days aligned

529 days until the next level. Each level requires x amount of Guild Alignments reached.

|Music lover|Dreemer|Hivian|Foodie|Work-alcoholic|Entertainer|

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Recent Submissions

Societal Rules: How Fun It Is To Break Them.

Author: balikis95

Baked Fluffy Milk Cake; First Time In The Community.

Author: balikis95

My Heart... Go All Night... Think Twice//Mi Corazón... Go All Night... Piénsalo dos veces. (Eng/Esp)

Author: balikis95

Mind At War

Author: balikis95

Cell 7: The Toxic Race Began And Needed.

Author: balikis95

Breathe And Remember.

Author: balikis95

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