Level 7


64 / 86 days aligned

22 days until the next level. Each level requires x amount of Guild Alignments reached.

Just a random dude hoping to one day disconnect from the 'system', so that he may focus solely on his faith.

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Recent Submissions

Gem #375 - A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder

Author: ma3str0

Gem #370 - A puff of wind and the praise of the people, weigh alike

Author: ma3str0

Gem #336 - A nod of an honest man is enough

Author: ma3str0

Gem #319 - A mariner must have his eye upon rocks and sands, as well as upon the north star

Author: ma3str0

Gem #264 - A lion may come to be beholden to a mouse

Author: ma3str0

Gem #228 - A joke never gains over an enemy, but often loseth a friend

Author: ma3str0

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